WorldDealer understands the importance of maintaining a positive dealership image. This is why we offer a variety of reputation management services that are designed to not only improve how customers view your dealership, but will provide data on what strategies are working the best so that you can focus on the most effective dealership-building plan.

The first step to managing a dealerships reputation is to simply monitor the reviews customers are giving. We do this by helping you monitor the top ten sites on the internet, so that you understand how your progress is working and can be alerted when a new review is posted. We also find it important to observe social mentions across the internet for our clients.

With our reputation service, you can understand how your company is compared to close competitors as well as track positive or negative comments and reviews. More importantly, our service makes it easy for you to quickly respond to reviews and comments, without having to take the time to go to each individual website. This means you can save time and resources without neglecting your company’s image.

At WorldDealer, we do not just want to help you monitor your image but also improve it. This is why we create E-mail templates and promotional materials that will aid in your dealership getting more positive reviews than ever thought possible. Improving on this feature is the ability to share positive reviews on Facebook and other social media pages to enhance its effect. From thank you cards to review request material, we have all of the reputation improvement material you need to increase your popularity like never before.

For example, with over 84 million monthly visitors and 33 million reviews, Yelp is one of the biggest and most popular social media sites on the web. WorldDealer makes it possible to reach customers who are searching for dealerships like yours from their smartphone or tablet. We also make it easy to get a Yelp Enhanced Listing, which will remove competitive ads and help give your company more exposure through views from users and priority in search engines. All of this will help your audience find your company easier and more efficiently.

With our professionalism and proven strategies that will help any dealership’s reputation grow and improve, WorldDealer’s reputation management service is an optimal choice for any dealership looking to get ahead of the competition. Call us today and we will get you started on a strategy that is sure to get more customers walking through your door.


Automotive Review Sites & Local Business Listing Identity

25% of search results are linked to user generated content. Is your dealership information correct?

  1. Scour online listing sources and determine which sources do not have your dealership listed at all.
  2. See which online listing sources contain errors and discrepancies about phone numbers, address, hours and directions.
  3. Visibility determines if your dealership is listed in all of the places where people are searching, and whether the listings are accurate and consistent. Inconsistent listings lead to poor placement in search engine results.
  4. Manage the local business listings identities. WorldDealer’s Brand Analytics certifies your dealership Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information, then enhances and actively manages your business listings 24/7. Plus, you get built-in security processes that prevent unauthorized access and keep your listings secure.
  5. Improve your “findability” through Local Search. Only Worlddealer interacts with you to cleanse, organize and optimize your business listings for Local Search with geo-coding, address standardization and more for optimal results.
  6. Reach more consumers. WorldDealer maintains direct authorized relationships with the largest network of local search platform partners in the industry. That means your business listings reach sites where 90% of U.S. consumer local searches occur.
  7. Get noticed with names they know. Our direct distribution network of 150+ best-in-class local search platform partners spans many applications. They include desktop, mobile, social, location-based, industry-vertical, specialty directories and more.

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