Where do you put your ad dollars on search for the best results? Our technology puts the dollars where they deliver more for less, based on fact, not opinion. Our proprietary technology allows us to focus on Cost Per Lead (CPL) as opposed to most other providers’ Cost Per Click (CPC) data. This is important if you want to maximize your SEM budget. Our goal is to maintain your budget and deliver more and more qualified leads each month. We’re able to do this by figuring out which keywords and phrases deliver leads to your dealership as opposed to those phrases that simply result in traffic. With this knowledge, our Conversion Based Optimization technology allows us, in real time, to put more budget towards the keywords, the search engines, the times/days, and the ads that are generating more sales.

The result is maximum ROI.

Here are a few other ways our system is different:

ROI Focused Campaigns

Focused campaign maximize your contacts, calls and results.

Proprietary Algorithmic Systems

Our algorithm based systems provide more campaign insight than traditional AdWords campaigns which results in more leads and conversions. It also manages your cost-per-lead to maximize budget efficiency.

IP Targeting

By targeting IPs, we can increase you chances of converting users in your geographic area.

Reallocation of Funds

We allocate and reallocate funds to maximize your actionable items in REAL TIME for search, content, display, social and mobile.

Directed A/B Tested Copy

Our ad copy is all A/B tested and highly directed to deliver high quality scores, lower CPCs and more visitors who perform preferred actions.

Advanced Pass-Through Proxy Sites

Our advanced pass-through proxy sites require no additional coding and cannot negatively impact organic ranking

Advanced Click Fraud Alerts/Protection

Campaigns are monitored for unusual click activity that may indicate spam or bot use and can be paused if fraudulent activity is detected.

Mobile Search

We can provide targeted results on HTML phone, iPhones, Android phones, tablets and all mobile devices

Conversion Based Optimization

We focus on the keyword phrases, days of the week and even time of day when the most leads are generated.

Phone Lead Reporting

Our systems includes call recording and customer demographic info as well as targeted campaign tracking through dynamic toll-free numbers.


The most targeted and effective automotive ads in the industry today! Through Behavioral Targeting and Re-targeting, your “inventory-specific” display ads are served only to those that have an interest in a model live in your inventory, bringing them directly you’re your VDP for better user experience and higher converting traffic.


Through GEO Fencing techniques we can set specific geographic targets (fences) around your dealership and reach consumers on a demographics-based, owner-based or intender-based profile. With GEO Conquesting, we can use the same technique to target your competitors AND serve up a different message. We can also re-target consumers that were previously served a mobile banner ad when they leave the set of Geo Fences through Geo Re-targeting.

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