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To succeed at automotive SEO and get organic traffic to your dealer site, it’s really about simple math. There are 13 spots available on the first page of Google’s search results. This includes the 3 map packs. However, before any results from any dealer including yours are displayed, you have to subtract 5, maybe 6 spots from the total available spots because third party sites like CarGuru and Autotrader will fill those first. There is no way to get around that. That leaves 8 spots. If you are dealing with a large metro area with 15 dealerships, only 8 will show up on page one, the remaining 7 will be pushed back to page two and beyond. We are talking about a lot of competition to get Google’s attention. That’s the first battle. Battle number two is local SEO. Local SEO is a different dynamic, it’s about optimizing on and off site signals to become relevant when users search for a particular keyword or phrase in a specific geographic area. It’s about being able to show up in the results for the user if they’re near your dealership or in your local market.

That’s where WorldDealer comes in to give you the edge over your competition. We find what users in your market are searching for and develop a campaign that distinguishes you from your competitors. There are no “black hat” strategies or other shady voodoo tactics used. It’s as simple as creating content that is unique, then ensuring all other local on site and off signals are optimized as well. The most important signal on your site that makes up to 20% of the equation for optimization for local relevancy is content. Unless you have great content, all the SEO in the world won’t help. Below is how we approach your campaign.

Automotve SEO Services

  • Site Audits: Ideally… nothing on a website should go live until it’s ready and bug-free. In the real world, that’s not always how things end up. There are broken links, coding errors, hidden or dynamically created duplicate content, empty title and meta description tags and empty image alt tags. Our software will run a complete site audit and tell us exactly what and where problems are and how to correct it.
  • Keyword Research: Before even creating content for a site, the first order of business is determining the keyword phrases users are using to find dealers for new or used vehicles in your area. We identify the most popular searched for terms and use that list for creating the content on your site.
  •  Content Marketing:  With the constant changes Google makes to their algorithm, the one thing that remains unchanged is, it’s still about the content. The key here is quality, good content is unique, it provides details and good content is useful, it answers questions users might have. Bad content is the same old run-of-the-mill stuff every other dealer has, bad content is duplicated on several pages. Our team of writers create pages of content for your automotive website to support those keywords we’ve researched.
  • Link Building: SEO is about being found…locally. Pretty easy, right? Not quite, it takes some work and the most important links are ones you get locally. That’s right, locally. That church down the street, that little league soccer team you sponsor, local charity events you host or sponsor, that pizza shop your service department orders from weekly; all these local places and organizations are like gold to Google. They give your dealership local relevancy. The likelihood of Google placing you ahead of the competition increases having this local relevancy along with meeting all the other local signals. We will help you to obtain those local links as long as you help us with providing contacts we can reach out to in order to place those links.
  • Managing and Monitoring SEO: Your automotive SEO campaign includes Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up, integration and optimization. We’ll make sure your Google Analytics tools are properly configured so you’ll be able to properly measure the results of your SEO campaign.
  • Quantifying Your Campaign: When you hire us for your automotive SEO efforts you’ll have a true partner. One of our requests is that you set aside time each month to review monthly reports. The ways to measure success are how your keyword phrases are ranking, whether your visibility is increasing, what percent of your overall traffic is organic, it should over time, be above 50%, the time on site from your organic traffic, the number of pages per visit, the bounce rate (whether they are staying or leaving) and search traffic from mobile devices.



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