With social media now emerging as the most powerful source of communication on the planet, dealerships are constantly looking for ways to tap into this phenomenon to improve their reputation and increase popularity. With WorldDealer’s social media services, you can enhance your influence over the internet thanks to our proven strategies. Not only will we get your dealership organized with social media as a focus point, but we have the tools to help make this process quick and simple.

When trying to connect your dealership to social media, it is important to know when customers are talking about you. Our social media strategy involves monitoring Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter, so you will know when people are sharing, clicking, retweeting, or commenting on your page. This makes it easy to find new customers and provides impressive analytical feedback on what social media advertisements are working the best.

Not only can WorldDealer help enhance your social media page by creating custom designs for your various pages to help create a more consistent brand for your company, but we will also post engaging content to help your audience become more involved and interacting with your page. We will add content for monthly promotional campaigns and provide analysis on which methods and offers work the best, so you have a solid strategy for increasing customer traffic.

When it comes to posting content on your social media pages, we understand that it can’t be generic. This is why we provide a mixture of content that focuses on both your dealership and local information so your customers stay engaged and more importantly share your content with others. This is the number one way to increase fans of your dealership, because information through social media spreads faster than word of mouth.

Of course having great social media strategies means nothing if it isn’t utilized to improve your dealership. At WorldDealer, our Account Specialists will work with you through every step of the process. Whether we are monitoring your social pages or creating informative and entertaining content, we will work with you as a team so you are getting the message you want out into the world. Our staff has been thoroughly trained to handle social media to obtain the best results for our clients. They will use proven strategies to get customers engaged and help you build the active online community your company needs to thrive.

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